Thursday, July 21, 2011

Family Reunion 2011

The “Progressive/Staycation” Family Reunion

Or what really happened… After being scared off from Salamander flats because of walltowall people and mosquitoes - We decided not to camp which everyone was more than happy about - Thursday we ate at Deann’s then played minute to winit - Or as I call it playing with your garbage - Friday morning we were treated to a HUGE breakfast at Mom’s then headed up to Mutual Dell - where we all got to do the zipline - upsidedown- backwards and superman style - Even the little kids did it - Kwynn because her grandma is a torture master - We only had one near death experience when Whitney could have plowed into a van of girls trying to turn around - Luckily “Dashing Farm Boy Seth” saved the day and made the day of the girlload -Brad now has HUGE muscles from being the brakeman all day and Sally is sore from trying to bungi stop people until the real men stepped in- they only let Seth and Dan almost hit the tree - We then had lunch by Roger (Connie was suppose to help but had a close friends funeral and wasn’t able to make it) Then it was off to Tibble Fork for canoeing - John in his motor-haulthewholefamily - home- Burtenshaws riding Idaho style and a few other brave souls - The mud island was a hit as well as some of the manly men trying to paddle upstream in the rocks - they didn’t get too far - After all getting enough sun we headed back to the Dell for some awesome Volleyball before a tasty dinner of Steven’s favorite meal - MORMON HAYSTACKS - Then it was off to the Amptheater where lots of fond memories and songs from the good old station wagon days were shared - My fav was Johns rendition of “In the Jungle” Young Family Reunion style - We need the words to all your songs - Oh wait the “VIDIOT” got it all on tape! She just brings things onto herself - Also enjoyed all the cat stories and Kaylene and Lynn’s sharing their SOB stories! Really enjoyed all the little grandkids - That’s what life is really about isn’t it - There was only one bruiser on Brewer - A good time was had by all - Steven is still crying whenever he thinks of Trudy - We enjoyed the little kids boogie-ing! Saturday found us eating again and then ready for one last VB game - Then the ones who didn’t need to get back to the farm headed to the splash pad in Highland - then had pizza and headed home - I appreciate all for being so flexible and willing to make the best out of the plan qxzkg changes - You are all awesome and I am so glad we could spend some time together to make such wonderful memories. Each Family was represented at one time or another -
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