Friday, April 15, 2011

More girls weekend

Trudy and Julie survived the trip out. And obviously are happy to be here. Even if Julie did destroy her sunglasses when she smacked her head on the bottom of the deck on her way out. Yes she is tall. But with all the snow the deck is rather close to the 'ground'.
Look. It's Super Steve shoveling out Deann's car. Deann is thinking "Where are my boots?"

Connie is watching Steve dig out her car. The object in her right hand is her sunshade/snow shovel. It worked rather well for scraping off the car- but we were sure glad Steve had his shovel. Check out Jo's awesome boots.
Kaylene headed for the snow cat taxi. Behind her please note the bottom of the second floor deck.
Jo the Jedi Knight.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Girls weekend

No we are not playing sardines. This is our chariot- minus the chauffeur.
Sisters on the steps. Not step sisters.
The view from the stairs. Hot chicks in front of the fireplace.