Saturday, August 30, 2008

My new house

Amy requested a photo of the house after I had the bushes ripped out.  It looks a little naked and vulnerable I think.  How appropriate.  And no I did not kill the bushes in lieu of killing something else. :)  We had planned on doing it all summer.  It just took til now for the guy to come do it.  How ironic.  So now you know what the house really looks like.  And you can't use the excuse that you didn't recognize it for now stopping to see me.  


Amy said...

I'd say we should put a vegetable garden in the front but then you would have vegetables and you would probably make me eat them.

Chong Ohana said...


House of Hamblin said...

Jo, I love the house now. Just squirt round up on all the rest and you will never see another weed or living thing!!! hahaha I love it though, and it will be less pruning and cleanup every year. Love this blog too. What a magnificent family!