Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cutest Girl!!

I guess you could call me a stage mom of sorts, because I love to take pictures of Baylee when she is all dressed up! She was invited to a birthday party yesterday and it was, of course, a costume party. And since I am a closet drama nerd, we had to do her hair funky and put makeup on her. I think she is dang cute!! Dan thinks I am kind of silly. His exact (sort of) words were "you're so cute. A 7 year old is going to a costume party, and you give her prom hair". What can I say? I have one kid that is a girl and she is going to look sassy as all get out for this party! :)
We will see what she is for Halloween since she borrowed this costume from our neighbor! Ah, the life of a cheapskate.


a s h o l i n a said...

Hooray!! So cute. I'm glad she has prom hair, I never did my hair or makeup until I was about 15 years old, so it's ok :)

Jo Mama said...

I think if you can do prom hair you should. One of the scariest costumes I ever saw was a friend who did Bride of Frankenstein goes to prom. She totally trashed a DI dress and did the scariest makeup with an ashen white face. She walked kind of dragging one leg and looking sort of druggged out zombie. It was creepy.