Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Nativity Revival :)

Grandpa Young oversaw the whole production. He said that he would stay upstairs and play the part of Elohiem.
Elohiem with the Angel.
Deann was really feeling the music.
Jolynn was the director and the pianist along with some assistance from little ones.
Sally told us all about a story of how she about lost it at work today. Ask her to tell you the story and sing for you... she had an interesting twist on a Christmas song. How did it go Sally? Jolynn asked if Sally's rendition of the song is what they meant by going Postal.

Jordan and Tierney entertained Allana playing with the miniature baby Jesus. 
Zak played one of the "Wise Guys" along with Jordan and Ben.
Corinne led the heavenly choir in their carols, while Quinn played the organ.
Tabitha and Erin were the beautiful Angels who proclaimed the birth of Christ.

Thanks so much to Jolynn for reviving the Nativity Christmas tradition! I've heard about it for many years from Andy, but it was fun to be a part of it.

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Jo Mama said...

It was tres fun. Please someone tell me that it is just the phone in my pocket that makes my butt look huge.